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Monday, March 23, 2015

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Catch the live access, including live event coverage, interview shows, live broadcasts, game analysis, and more! The 2015 FIDE World Women Chess Championship is taking place March 16 - April 7 live in Sochi, Russia. This live games will be seen as a knockout tournament, to decide the women's world champion. The event will be hosted by GM Alex Yermolinsky and GM Dejan Bojkov of FIDE Women's World Chess Championship in Sochi, Russia.

The players are selected through national chess championships, Zonal tournaments and continental chess championships. 51 players from Women's Continental and Zonal qualifiers: Europe 28, Asia 12, Americas 8 and Africa 3. The participating players were seeded by their March 2015 FIDE rating. Three former world champions are in the field, Kosteniuk seeded 5th, Stefanova 9th and Ushenina 15th.

The top seeded Women Chess players Humpy Koneru (India), Ju Wenjun (China), Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine), Victoria Cmilyte (Lithuania), Alexandra Kosteniuk, and Valentina Gunina (both – Russia) won their matches and advanced to the next round. For the online broadcasting of the 2015 FIDE World Women Chess Championship games with video is available in two languages "Russian and English" on the official site of the championship and the Russian Chess Federation site.