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Thursday, February 11, 2016

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The JAMfest Super Nationals 2016 is in Cincinnati, Ohio. This event is one of the largest in the country dance competition! JAMfest Super Nationals is where we pull out all the stops to ensure that all fan's experience is both stress free and globally one of the most watched super memorable event!

Competitors came from as many as 13 states and Mexico in 2010! The Northern Kentucky Convention Center will continue to be home to JAMfest Dance Super Nationals through 2015!

JAMfest Dance Super Nationals
Northern Kentucky Conv. Center
Cincinnati, OH - February 2016

Watch for the live streaming coverage of JAMfest Super Nationals 2016, all through the finals, this live event will take place live @ the Cincinnati, OH. Don't miss out on the best event in the country, as it happens.