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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Info Post
The International Cheer Union (ICU) will host the 2016 ICU World Cheerleading Championships on Thursday and Friday, 21-­‐22 April 2016 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Attending this prestigious event to compete for the title of world champions will be teams from 40 nations. Representatives from 60 countries in all will be on hand to witness this event. Hosted by Justin Carrier and Nicole Lauchaire, the online coverage will include, Routine highlights of all of the teams, as well as exclusive backstage interviews. Behind-the-scenes photos, full results throughout the competition.

Teams from all across the globe will send teams to the ICU World Championships. This year's line up includes Australia, England, Japan, Haiti, South Korea, Canada, Italy, Peru, and so many more!

Watch the live streaming coverage of 2016 World Cheer leading Championships live at the Walt Disney World Resort  in Orlando, Florida USA. Find out by following the live match cast.