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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Showstars Spain 2017 Live Telecast, Date, Time and Venue, 18 finalists are vying for the coveted title. The contestants will be judged on the basis of evening gowns, swimsuits and Q&A rounds, and based on their performance they will move ahead in the pageant.

In intelligent and effective that is dedicated to the representation and intermediation of models, artists and athletes. In novadora that manages and organizes events and beauty contests at national and international level.

The coronation night is scheduled to be held on 30th April 2017. Representatives to Miss Earth 2017, Miss International 2017, Miss Supranational 2017 and Miss Intercontinental 2017 pageant will be crowned at the gala finale.

Watch the live streaming coverage of Showstars Spain 2017 Finale live on30th April 2017. As it Happens!